Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

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Hickory Chicks Dress (c/o)Thrifted Nine West boots (similar) | ASOS hat (similar) | Vintage Whiting & Davis necklaceHickory Chicks Tassel Bracelet (c/o)

Fall, I like you. Will you stick around a while? Before that sneaky bitch Winter comes around, I am embracing the chill in the air and spending as much time outside as possible before the whole city goes into hibernation. This chambray dress is the perfect dress to transition into the colder months. It had been a warm few days, so I left the house wearing only this dress, as I walked half a block to the train and realized the temp had definitely dropped – I would have been comfortable with a leather jacket on top. I was just glad I wore this hat because then it started raining. (Note to self: As a New Yorker, always check the weather before leaving the house!) There are so many ways that this simple shirt dress can be styled. I was feeling a bit of a rhinestone cowboy vibe that day with the hat, boots, and gold handkerchief necklace! Once it gets colder I am seeing it with over the knee socks, knee high boots, and a fur vest.

And I’m sure you noticed that cute tassel hanging on my wrist…well here’s your chance to win this bracelet for yourself! As an LSU girl, I always notice even the slightest purple and gold in an outfit, and this bracelet and hat combo made me think of some gameday accessorizing options. Enter to win below!

Hope y’all have a great weekend, and wherever you live, get outside and enjoy the weather!

Shot by Megan Pendergrass

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