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Currently-Crushing-Summer-EssentialsSummer is not nearly over yet so I have put together a round-up of some Summer essentials that I am currently crushing. If you have not tried any of these… well you still have time, what are you waiting for?

1) Totes! – I have found that a good tote bag is really necessary especially during the Summer and living in New York. Carry it with you (or keep it in your car) for those last minute grocery trips, pack it for a movie/picnic in the park, farmers market on Sundays anyone?, bring it shopping so you don’t have to carry all of those separate shopping bags…like I said, necessary! Redbubble offers an amazing selection of unique designs. I chose this cute fruity print perfect for any Summer outing or weekend getaway!


2) Faux Glow – If you are as unfortunate as myself and have not had a chance to make it to the beach yet this Summer, this Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion by Kismet Cosmetics is your saving grace and will help you fake it til you make it (to the beach that is)! And if you are fortunate enough to be rocking a real tan, this will accelerate it and keep you glowing into the fall!


3) Pretty Titties – Let’s face it. Bras can be uncomfortable…especially in the Summer when your wardrobe choices are based on items that will cling to your body the least. But I am definitely not opposed to a pretty bra showing under my not so full coverage clothing during the Summer! That’s why a comfy and pretty bra are one of my Summer wardrobe essentials. ThirdLove creates beautiful lingerie that not only looks great, but also fits better thanks to their  App that lets you size yourself and shop for perfectly-fitting bras (even in half sizes).


4) Eye Candy – Oh how a good pair of sunnies can make your outfit (and keep those pretty eyes of yours protected)! I have been a fan of Kewe Du Optic since they first started, and they just keep surprising me with how many amazing styles they keep coming out with! I want  one of each for every outfit this Summer (Hey, a girl’s gotta have options!) My new faves are the St Louis in Bengal and the Charles in Matte Oyster.


5) Summer Slides – No, not like water slides, but the sandal style of the Summer! I have to admit when I first started seeing that Birks came back in style, I was…let’s just say a bit confused. I came around quickly though and realized that they give an effortlessly cool edge to any look. If you are still on the fence about this trend, try a less expensive version first like this pair from Famous Footwear. They just opened their third location in the New Orleans area (Algiers Plaza at 3038 Holiday Drive) and will have a grand opening party on Aug 9th so stop by and you can even win a free pair!


6) Say Cheese! – Umm a mini glitter camera? Yes please! Capture all of your outings and OOTD’s with a fun Lomography camera this Summer. Put down the IPhone, quit all your camera editing apps and give this glittery gal a turn in the spotlight. It’s an adorbs accessory, and will bring all your friends together at any event.


7) Matchy Matchy – A coordinate set is a must this Summer (extra points for a pineapple print)!  We already know crop tops are here to stay, so why not pair it with a matching skirt? It’s just as easy as throwing on a dress, but is way cooler (in both senses of the word). Some of my other fave co-ord’s can be found here and here!

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