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Forever 21 skirt | H&M earrings (similar) (similar) | Poshmark top (similar)

As a New Yorker (whoa, that’s the first time I have called myself that) I walk A LOT more than I did living in New Orleans and owning a car. This has lead me to realize that my wardrobe actually has to change a bit too. It’s getting pretty hot here, and I want to be as comfortable as possible when walking around in the sun and heat. All those little cute, short, flowy skirts I own are kind of tricky to walk around the city in without flashing a few people from any slight breeze or feeling like someone is always looking up it when walking up the stairs from the subway….which is why I am loving the midi-length trend right now. When all you want to wear is a flowy skirt, but not have to worry about being inappropriate on your stroll, this length is the way to go.

Unfortunately I have not found that photographer boyfriend that every fashion blogger seems to have, so for now I have to rely on some good ol’ selfies to share my everyday outfits with y’all. This was from a stroll through Williamsburg, and of course could not pass up this metallic moment happening with my outfit and graffiti wall!

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