DIY Sports Tees


Football season is finally upon us! I have been so excited about the “Sports Luxe” trend that is so prevalent right now, I just had to make some sports inspired tops of my very own!



I came across both of these tops at TJ Maxx and loved the sporty mesh detailing, which inspired this DIY. I wanted designs that where more general than your average sports team t shirt out there (No Who Dat, fleur de lis, NOLA or Saints references). So, although my shirts are black and gold, and use a number 9, these designs can really be used for any team!

For this DIY, you will need:

– A top with athletic detailing. Check your local TJ Maxx or check out these herehere, & here.

– fabric paint/paint brush

– Adhesive paper

– A ruler

– Masking tape

– Exacto blade

DIY-Sports-Tee-Tank-Mesh-Jersey-02 DIY-Sports-Tee-Tank-Mesh-Jersey-03

First, you will need to print out your design of choice on the adhesive paper, and mark the center of the deign. Place a piece of thin cardboard under your top, then measure and mark the center of your garment on a piece of tape. Next, cut out your design with the exacto and peel the backing off the paper. Line up the center line on your design with the center line you marked on your shirt, and stick your design down. To make sure that the paint does not bleed under the paper, you will want to use a squeegee or rolling tool of some sort to stick the paper down as good as possible.



DIY-Sports-Tee-Tank-Mesh-Jersey-04 DIY-Sports-Tee-Tank-Mesh-Jersey-05

Start painting, using stippling motions, then smoothing over. Wait for this layer to dry, then paint over one more time. When dry, remove the stencil, and you’re all done! You now have a handmade, one of a kind top, that will have all the fashionable football fans asking where you got it from!


Also, stay tuned for ‘Saints Style’ where some blogger buddies and I have teamed up to bring you some Saints Style inspiration from outfit ideas, to recipes, and home decor!

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