Introducing The Made in Mind Social

I am SO excited to finally share what my sister and I have been working on for the past few months. We are starting a meetup for bloggers and creatives in Louisiana called The Made In Mind Social. We have had the idea in our minds for a while, and after a few coffee shop brainstorming sessions and lots of late night meetings, we finally made it all come together!


Our goal is to build a community where everyone can share their passions and encourage each other to keep their creative juices flowing. Whether you are a blogger, graphic designer, artist, photographer, fashion designer, DIY lover, makeup artist etc., we want to network and get to know the people behind their work!

We are in the process of planning our launch party so if you are in the area, we would LOVE for you to come! And to all fellow creatives, become a member and attend all of our future events as well!

If you won’t be able to attend our events, you can still support us by sponsoring the Made In Mind blog or sponsoring an event! This is the perfect way to get your name out to bloggers and creatives in Louisiana!


Like The Made In Mind Social on Facebook, follow on Twitter or sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out!

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