Spring Shoe Crush

These 4 shoe styles have been gracing the runways, shoe racks, and fashionista’s feet everywhere this past season! It seems like this year has had more predominant shoe trends than I can remember in the past. Maybe it is because I tend to buy things that I will like and will wear for a while, whether or not they are the latest trend. These trends come in every shoe style  imaginable. I chose a flat, sandal, heel, & wedge to show 4 different styles, for these 4 Spring shoe trends below. I know that I will always be fond of these styles, since I have a pair of silver heels that were my grandmothers (sadly too small, but displayed in my office) and a vintage clear pvc pair I bought from the thrift store before the trend became so mainstream. So ladies, I beg of you, save your shoes!! Even when the season is over, and the newest trend is all you want to wear, box up those special pairs to pass down when that style makes it back around generations later. .


METALLIC: Sandal/Flat/Wedge/Heel  // MESH: Sandal/Flat/Wedge/Heel // PRINT: Sandal/Flat/Wedge/Heel // PVC: Sandal/Flat/Wedge/Heel

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