Get your kicks on route… parade route that is!!

It’s Carnival season y’all!! And I don’t know about you, but that means A LOT of walking for me! I am on my feet all day during work, and then I head straight to the parades, parking far and walking (at my usual abnormally fast pace) to my destination. Flat boots are always a must for parades, but I have found that even my flat riding boots can feel a bit constricting and uncomfortable after being in them ALL day into the night. I have decided to try a new option this year, SNEAKERS! I have never really been a fan of wearing sneakers other than to work out, but since they have been such a trend, and more and more styles have evolved, I have grown to like them (well some). You will notice there are none of those wedge sneakers featured. Not a huge fan of those. Don’t get the point. I would usually feel too casual or frumpy feeling in a sneaker rather than a boot, these are not your average tennis shoe though. Adorned with spikes, sequins, zippers, flowers, metallics, leopard print and Mardi Gras colors, I think these are a great option to wear with your skinny jeans, leather pants, leggings, tutu’s… ya know, whatever you choose to don for some parade watching, late night partying, Mardi Gras fun! I personally chose to purchase #6. I just loved the gold and high top combo, and even if I decide that the sneaker trend is not for me, it was worth the try for only $35!

I am still waiting for my new kicks to arrive but check out how blogger Sincerely, Jules styled her sneakers. Perfectly casual yet still super stylish and put together.

P.S. those Nike’s are my FAV of ALL, so sad my size is not available anywhere!! Limited sizes can be found here.

I can’t wait to get my new kicks out on the parade route! Hope everyone has a fun & fashionable Mardi Gras season!!

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