NOLA Fashion Week Kickoff Party

Though New Orleans Fashion Week is over and last week’s news, I am still trying to catch up on my posts from that week while juggling starting a new full time job at Saks Fifth Avenue y’all! It has been a busy and exhausting past 2 weeks, but am excited about what’s to come from it!

NOLAFW’s Kickoff Party was held on a Saturday, following Retail Shopping Day, which I participated in with Loft 3H earlier that day. NOLA Fashion Council was generous enough to provide me with a room at The Hotel Modern (the “it” place to stay during this fashion filled week) for a place to rest my head after the night of festivities. And of course I took the opportunity to do an outfit shoot beforehand.

P1070600-re-Nelly-Nero-Ginger-Sky P1070613-re-Nelly-Nero-Ginger-Sky Untitled-1 (1) P1070609-re-Nelly-Nero-Ginger-Sky P1070615-re-Nelly-Nero-Ginger-Sky

The crisp, white bedding was just too pristine for me, I had to mess it up a little and relive some childhood fun before heading out for the night. The bright, over the bed table provided the perfect place to display my shoes while doing so!


jumping jumping (1) P1070752-re-Nelly-Nero-Ginger-Sky

They offered us a yummy cocktail as we checked in, and these shots are from me goofing around and sneaking a sip while Ciera was setting up the self timer for our shots together.

P1070734-re-Nelly-Nero-Ginger-Sky HotelModernBed 1070592-re-Nelly-Nero-Ginger-Sky

And we’re off to party! Stay tuned for my final post from NOLAFW’s one night of shows I was able to attend (sad face).
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