INVADE NOLA Fashion Issue Release Party

“If there’s one thing we Invaders love, I’d have to say it’s fashion. But, even more than that, Invaders love to party. Mix the two and you have the beginnings of an amazing shindig. This event will feature music from WTUL’s A Boy Named Ruth, yummy appetizers, and a Fashionista Photo Booth.”

I am super excited about this event for a few different reasons – First of all a fashionista photo booth?? Sounds like my kinda party! Secondly, I was asked to be featured in this issue, so yay me! And third, you know if the words ‘party’ and ‘fashion’ are in the same sentence, I’m there!

Hope you all will check out the Issue and join INVADE NOLA and I for a fun night!

Order your pre-sale tickets through their website

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