DIY Vintage Perfume Bottle Garland

I am very happy with this new addition to my kitchen decor! This vintage perfume garland was super quick and easy to make. All you need is a few mini perfume bottles and something to tie them together with.

I used jute twine and some neon rope and tied it around the neck of the perfume bottle, then screwed the top on. In between each bottle I tied a knot just for an extra detail. I really like the combination of the vintage bottles, with the rustic jute twine, and how the neon gives it a modern feel.

I thought it might be weird to have perfume bottles hanging in my kitchen, but I tried to hang them in my bathroom and my room, and this is just where they worked best! They would also look cute hanging over a vanity, or in a closet if you are so lucky to have a walk-in.

I made some herb and flower arrangements from my garden in a little jar and an extra perfume bottle to add to the window sill. P.S. how freaking awesome is that little elephant perfume bottle??

Next up, some painted wooden spoons to hang on the other window sill!



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