DIY American Flag Cutoff Shorts

I am so excited I finally made a pair of these American Flag shorts I have been wanting for a while now! And honestly I have to say, from all of the ones that I have seen online, mine really do look the best! So, let’s get into how to make these awesomely American shorts!

You will need:

– A pair of jean (Preferably vintage, high waisted, relaxed fit, with a  light wash) or cut off jean shorts

– fabric scissors

– masking or painters tape

– measuring tape

– fabric paint

– stiff paint brush

– star stencil or stickers

– studs (optional)

STEP 1-3: MESURE, LINE UP & CUT – Line up the inseams of your jeans (not the waistband). Measure and mark the inseam of your jeans (I measured about an inch longer tan I thought I would want, just in case) then measure from the bottom hem to the inseam. Subtract about an inch from this measurement and them measure from the bottom of the outside of your jeans on each side. This creates a slight angle upward on the outside which is more flattering. I lined up a pair of cut offs that are the perfect fit to compare to my measurements. Next, cut one leg, and then line up that piece to the other side to make sure you have the same angle. Try them on, and make adjustments as needed to length & angle.


STEP 4-5: TAPE & PAINT – Tape off all the areas that you do not want to be painted – The waistband, belt loops, pockets, the middle crotch part, and the sides. Next tape the stripes. Use a scrap piece of tape to measure the width in between each stripe. If you are using star stickers, place those on at this time as well. Now, time to paint! I suggest not using the spray kind of fabric paint, because it seeped under my star stickers a bit so I had to touch them up by hand with white paint. (The spray kind does give more of a washed out look though if you prefer that, as opposed to the red that I used which looks a little more opaque). You will need to paint, not spray if you are using a stencil for the stars. So for the regular fabric paint, pour some out on a plate, and apply with a stiff paint brush. Let dry according to the directions on the bottle. I left the tape on while it dried, and took it off the next day.


STEP 6: STUD – These are really easy to apply, and only take a few minutes, so I really suggest this last step to make your jeans even more rockin! you can order pyramid studs from online, or I found these at a local leather factory (Tandy Leather Factory). You will need a sharp tool to puncture holes in the jeans. I used a piercing tool called a brad setter, that I found at Michael’s. Insert the studs along the rim of the pockets, in the stars, in between the stripes, or anywhere you like!

And now for the last step, and most fun, style! I chose to style my shorts with all vintage and/or thrifted items (except the bracelets).



I found this Halston top at my last visit to the thrift store! Um hello? White, collared, button up, lace trim, Halston! It was the perfect find for a classic white cotton shirt for Summer and the perfect vintage style when tied up at the waist with these shorts!

I used one of my navy Whiting & Davis chain mail purses from my accidentally accumulated collection (obsession!), my new Chloe + Isabel stud bangles (that are a new staple in my wardrobe) and this red medallion bangle.

I finished off the look with my All-American, red All-Star Chucks!

I hope you embrace your patriotism and go make a pair of these shorts for yourself. Oh, and you’re welcome in advance for all the compliments you will get when wearing them! ‘Merica!

More DIY for online.

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