DIY Friday: Makeup Mason Jars

Are y’all ready for some DIY Fridays? Today’s DIY is a really simple one I completed with things I had in my own home (or my parents shop). Mason Jars, scissors and colored tape or decorative washi tape is all you need. I have been keeping my makeup brushes, mascara, and liners in these mason jars for a while now, but I decided they needed a little jazzing up. My dad just happened to have tape in two of the most trending colors right now, mint green and neon orange (well anything neon)… yea he knows what’s up!  Also, anything is better with some metallic, so I added copper tape too.

I suggest laying out your design on paper first. With this design that I chose, I needed to know how far apart to put the horizontal lines so that the zig zags would meet at the top and bottoms of them. I cut individual lines with diagonal edges for the zig-zag design (slant opposite ways for the opposite side of the triangle). Once you have one piece cut in each direction, use those as your guide, holding them up to the tape to cut the rest.

Once you have enough laid out that you feel comfortable with, go for it, stick those suckers on there! The tape will remove pretty easily from the glass if you do happen to mess up, so don’t fret. I keep the makeup I use everyday on this vintage brass tray so that everything is visible and easy to find when I need it.

You can also use these mason jars to hold your pens on your desk, storage for dry foods such as nuts, granola, beans or coffee, and your bathroom essentials like cotton balls and Q-tips.

Stay tuned for more DIY Friday’s, but in the mean time, go get your tape on!

** If you have any DIY ideas you would like to see featured on the blog, send them my way, and I will try to make it happen!


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