DIY: Flowerchild Fest Headdress

My inspiration for this headdress came from Free People, the brand that more than any other, represents femininity, creativity, confidence, adventure, and good ol’ free spirited fun! When I saw this headdress on their website, I fell in love, and knew it was the perfect DIY project right in time for the festivals!


It was really easy and took less than 20 minutes to make. All you need are scissors, a hot glue gun, fake flowers, and fabric, or a strand of lace. I bought the flowers from Michael’s, and just pulled them off of their stems and found this fabric on the clearance rack at Joann’s and bought 1/8 of a yard (which I cut in half length wise to make a second).


Starting from the middle, I folded the width of the fabric on one side half way, put a dot of hot glue, then folded the other side on top. Glue about every inch, on each side, until it fits around your head. Next just glue down the flowers, tie fabric in a knot, and I cut the remaining length of the fabric into three, to give it a fringed look. I cut the fabric on one side of the knot shorter, and left the backside long, then cut each strand slightly different lengths.


I wore it with my hair down, like pictured below, and when it got too hot at the fest, with my hair pulled back with a high, messy bun on top.


It may be the last weekend of Jazz Fest, but Hang Out Fest is 2 weekends from now in Gulf Shores, and this would be the perfect beach accessory! But it’s not like you need a reason to wear a flower headdress during the fun, sunny days of summer anyway!




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