Thursday night was Fashion in the arts District which featured 4 designers in 4 different venues. The shows included Andrea Loest at Mallory Page Studio, Amanda DeLeon at Martine Chaisson Gallery, Matthew Arthur at AIA New Orleans, and Carvortress Swim at LeMieux Galleries. I was only able to make it to the Matthew Arthur show, which I was really excited about seeing since I loved his S/S ’12 line last season. I was volunteering back stage so I got to see all of the pieces up close and personal which was even better! Sadly, I found out my camera I had with me for the show this time is no longer working, so I was not able to retrieve any photos taken from that night. I do have some of my outfit though! The first, being featured on The Elizabeth Chronicles, and 2 others from Instagram. I have been having this dress for a while now, but have waited for a special event to wear it. When my mom showed it to me out of her closet I was amazed at how fabulous it was! I then see the tag that is still attached and it is a Betsey Johnson, that my mom lets me know she bought when she was about my age, and never wore. What a lucky girl I am!

P.S. I could not bear to take the tag off so i tucked that big ol’ thing in the sleeve, so it wrapped around my arm.


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