A Very DIY X-Mas

I live by myself now, so that means I have to either do the Christmas decorating or have a boring, non-festive apartment for the Holidays. I chose to decorate! (Before Thanksgiving even, I was in such the Christmas spirit) Thanks to Pinterest I have many DIY decorating ideas saved and decided to try out this one in particular because I remembered that I had a box full of empty wine bottles I had been saving in hopes of doing something with one day! This idea was so easy, inexpensive, and I am very pleased with how my decorations turned out. Next year I am determined to buy my first real Christmas tree though!
How to DIY:

– Collect empty wine bottles or other glass bottles, preferably different shapes & heights (I used one Perrier bottle as well)

– Remove labels (I was lazy and did not so it took a lot more paint to cover them)

– Spray with white primer or a matte finish white spray paint // Let dry // Spray with adhesive glue

– Pour out Epsom salt on flat surface and roll bottles to coat

I picked out the least cheesy looking sparkly branch things and a bunch of berries from the craft store and arranged them in the bottles. I placed the bottles on a vintage mirrored cosmetics tray and put loose ornaments around them. A few years ago I was given a framed black & white print of an old photo of my dad on Santa’s lap for Christmas, and never really knew what to do with it. I thought what better way to display it than on a vintage hat box that I got from my Grandmaw, a cool martini glass I had, and some ornaments and jingle bells…. Totally random, I know. Oh, and I can’t forget my 2 little reindeer friends! I could not decide which style I liked better, the silver porcelain or the dark red velvet, and didn’t want one to felt left out, so I brought both of them home with me. I hope I have inspired you to make next year a DIY X-Mas.


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